Signs and Symptoms of a Speech Language Disorder

The signs and symptoms of speech and language disorders differ between type and between children and adults. For an overview of what to consider see below.  For more information about speech-language developmental milestones for children birth-five click here. In children, parents should watch for the following signs of speech and language disorders:

  • Shows a lack of attention to sounds (birth- 1year)
  • Doesn’t respond when you call his/her name (7 months-1 year)
  • Has difficulty interact socially (infancy and older)
  • Has difficulty following or understanding what you say (starting at 1 year)
  • Says only a few sounds or words or makes only a few gestures (18 months to 2 years)
  • Says words that are not easily understood (18 months to 2 years)
  • Does not combine words (starting at 2 years)
  • Struggles to say sounds or words (3 to 4 years)

In adults, signs of speech and language disorders include:

  • Struggles to say sounds or words
  • Repeats words or parts of words
  • Says words in the wrong order
  • Struggles with using words and understanding others
  • Has difficulty imitating speech sounds
  • Speaks at a slow rate

Sometimes a strong accent can make communication difficult and cause frustration when a speaker is misunderstood or asked to repeat themselves.  Although an accent is not a speech impairment, Northeast Hearing & Speech can help individuals who need assistance for accent reduction. Click here to view our accent reduction services.