Accent Reduction and Speech Modification Services

Would you like to be understood the first time when you say something?

Are you tired of repeating yourself?

Have you been thinking about learning how to communicate more effectively to reach your personal and professional goals?

Our accent reduction and speech modification may be just what you’ve been looking for.

What are the benefits?

Businesses value effective communication skills including your ability to be understood during interviews, presentations, meetings, and conversations in the workplace and on the phone.  Learning to pronounce English with more clarity improves communication confidence during speaking interactions.   
Northeast Hearing & Speech recognized that accents are differences, not disorders, and it is important for each client to maintain his/her cultural identity and personality.  Our clinicians help clients learn to “code switch”, meaning they are able to change their speech patterns at will, depending on the speaking situation (e.g., speaking with family and friends versus speaking with American English Intonation/Melody, Rate, Projection, Quality, Optimal Pitch, Phrasing, and Breath Support) as well as non-verbal ques such as posture, gestures, eye contact, facial expressions, active listening skills, and social cues. 
More information about Accent Reduction/Modification can be found here.