Hearing Aids

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Hearing Aid Options

Behind-the-ear (BTE) and Receiver-in-the-ear

These hearing aids sit behind the ear, with a tube or wire connected to a small tip or ear mold that sits in the ear. With most of the equipment behind the ear, these devices are more durable, water resistant, and tend to need less repairs. These hearing aids are appropriate for a wide range of hearing loss. Some shapes and sizes of BTE and RIC models are discreet and unnoticeable when worn. Based on your hearing test, your Audiologist will recommend which style is best for you.

Custom Hearing Aids

These hearing aids are custom-built from an impression of your ear. They come in various styles, ranging from larger devices that are easier to manage, to smaller, more discreet options. Based on your hearing test, your Audiologist can recommend which style is best for you.

CROS Hearing Aids

CROS hearing aids are a great solution for individuals with unilateral deafness. This system works by using a microphone on the bad ear to pick up sounds and voices, then wirelessly transmits them to the good ear.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Some behind-the-ear and receiver-in-the-ear hearing aids have the option of using rechargeable batteries. Simply place the hearing aids in a charging dock overnight for a full day of battery life! Ask your Audiologist if rechargeable hearing aids will work for you.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Some hearing aids are built with Bluetooth technology that wirelessly connects your hearing aids to your smart phone. This Bluetooth connection gives you the ability to turn your hearing aids into a wireless headset, streaming any phone calls or audio to your hearing aids. Paired with an app, you have the ability to adjust the volume, switch programs, and check the battery level.


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