The benefits of hearing aids

About 20% of the US population – approximately 48 million Americans – experience changes in hearing significant enough to impact mental and physical health. All of the negative symptoms of hearing loss can be positively and dramatically impacted by today’s advanced hearing technologies.

Hearing aids increase:
  • Self Esteem – Self esteem increases when social ease, self-expression and social awareness also rise.
  • Overall HealthHearing aids decrease cognitive and mental decline, which provides a positive and lasting effect on brain activity and contributes to overall well-being.
  • Communication – Hearing aids can restore a diminished ability for self-expression and actively communicating with others.
  • Income – When you communicate better, you are more reliable, aware, and in control, which can positively impact job performance.
Hearing aids reduce:
  • Discrimination – People who have hearing loss and who miscommunicate on the job, out on the town, or at home often face assumptions about their intelligence or ability to understand.
  • Depression – Self-isolation is a common response to hearing loss, which can lead to depression.
  • Anxiety in Social Situations – Hearing aids can make social interactions enjoyable again, eliminating stress and anxiety that hearing loss causes in these situations.
  • Paranoia – Hearing aids restore awareness, in real time, and help reduce false assumptions by both the wearer and those around him or her.

You may think hearing is just tied to your ears, but it is a window into your overall wellness!