Congratulations to UNE LEND graduates Emma Budway and Elizabeth Olson!

Congratulations to Emma Budway and Elizabeth Olson! Emma and Elizabeth recently completed the University of New England Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (UNE LEND) program and are now among the 2024 graduates of 52 LEND programs across the U.S.

Funded through the Autism CARES Act of 2023, the LEND program provides high-quality training to increase the clinical expertise and leadership skills of healthcare providers. LEND trainees participate in academic, clinical, leadership and community opportunities and receive training in cultural and linguistic responsiveness and using family and person-centered approaches to care

Laurie Mack, MA, CCC-SLP and Laura Keech, AuD, CCC-A are faculty members of UNE LEND providing didactics and supervision of students in the program.