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newgreigOnce again you came to my rescue with your expertise in audiology. The thorough ear examination and your “mechanical” abilities in trouble shooting and repairing my hearing aid was a thing of beauty. On the ride to Portland with an inadequate hearing aid, I was pretty much “alone” during the trip just hearing the sounds of my inner voice (a scary thought) during the 75 mile excursion. The ride home was totally different. I actually experienced a ride with surround sound at its best. From the clicking of the turn signal to the rain splattering on the windshield, it was very surrealistic. And I was not alone on the return trip to East Rumford. I was accompanied by the likes of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Rod Stewart, Commander Cody, and James Taylor to name a few. Their music was once again music to my ears….actually, to my ear. Thanks again for the rescue. You helped put me back in my game.

Losing my hearing left me isolated, frustrated and mentally tired. Thanks to Jamie Healy at Northeast Hearing and Speech and some really amazing technology, I can hear again.  Jamie is just a delight to work with.  Thanks Jamie.
– Jim

After working with FOUR different agencies by the time Alex was 2 years old, we switched to Northeast Hearing & Speech in 2004 and have been with them since. I have never met a group of more caring and dedicated professionals!
– Alex’s mom

Caitlin (1)My daughter Caitlin has a lot to say. The problem is she doesn’t always know how to say it! Caitlin was born with Down syndrome, a genetic chromosomal abnormality that can make learning to speak and intelligibility of speech extremely difficult. For Caitlin, this was extremely challenging because she wanted to be heard. She has a fantastic personality. She is an outgoing and energetic 5 yr old who has been given the gift of speech in great part by the therapists at Northeast Hearing and Speech. Caitlin was first seen by one of the therapists at 3 months old, right after recovering from heart surgery. Even at this young age, Northeast was able to assist with oral motor strengthening and  development, two pieces that are essential for speech development.

From age 3 months to now 5 years old Caitlin has been a part of the Northeast Family. She has been followed by two of the audiologists at Northeast and by three of the speech and language pathologists. Each of these people have made it possible for Caitlin to communicate, able to be heard and able to be part of her friends’ conversations, part of her family’s conversations and part of the everyday world we live in, something that would not have been possible without the help of Northeast. Northeast has given her tools that bridge the gap between herself and the rest of the world. As a mom, this has been a challenging experience. Having a child who can’t always express how she feels or what her needs are is overwhelming. Not only has Northeast helped Caitlin gain communication skills, but they have helped me gain coping skills, so that I am able to support her and better teach her how to communicate.

What Northeast has given my daughter is beyond words. I will forever be thankful for their skills, patience and professionalism that have helped shape a young child’s world.
– Rachel

I read several articles about hearing loops installed in theaters churches, airports and other public area; particularly in Europe…. I asked Jamie Healy about them and she said I didn’t have T-coils in my hearing aids so they won’t work with a loop; however, she could get me a streaming device that you wear around your neck that picks up the sound from the loop and transmits to my hearing aids. I got one and took it to the next Portland Stage performance. I hadn’t heard a play that clearly in years. I don’t think I missed one word. A very nice tone and so clear. I next used it at Portland Symphony and had the same experience. It also works with my cell phone. I’m so happy I have it as it makes a world of difference.

“I wanted to take the time to thank you and your staff for the wonderful, stress free experience I had bringing my 2-year old in for a hearing evaluation.…We had been referred to another audiology group in Portland and had attempted a hearing evaluation with them which was not successful due to my son’s inability to participate because of distraction.  This led to much frustration for us and our son and a need to reschedule another “try.” Northeast Hearing & Speech was then recommended to me by our local child development assessment team and we couldn’t have been happier with this recommendation.…working with you took a very stressful situation, as stressed parents dealing with some new assessments of “delays” in our son, and diffused it.  Thank you for the excellent service you provide.”

Ray (1)My name is Ray Emery. I grew up in the ’60s, and when I went to elementary school, we didn’t have prescreening for certain health issues that may cause a child educational setbacks.

When I was in first or second grade I needed to have my tonsils out. The doctor noted that when he was speaking behind me I didn’t respond to him. So he recommended my parents have my hearing tested. At the same time they were taking my tonsils out they realized I was tongue-tied and it was appropriate to perform that surgery to give me the ability to pronounce my words a little bit better as I got older.

I grew up in a blue-collar family with my dad working two jobs and my mother working part-time as a nurse to support five children. [Financial times were tough for us.] As a child I took speech lessons from Northeast Hearing and Speech when they were up on Congress Street. Fortunately, they were very helpful in working through payment plans with my parents to make it affordable for them to have me go through speech therapy. My family gave up a lot time and money to make sure I received the help I needed.

I had an older brother that also had a hearing deficiency. Dealing with Northeast Hearing and Speech, they were able to recondition some used hearing aids for my brother, and as my brother got new used hearing aids, they were able to make molds for me to use the older hearing aids. (In addition to the hand-me-down clothes, I got the hand-me-down hearing aids, too).

I’m currently a financial consultant and have worked in the industry for a number of years. My job requires me to make presentations to groups small and large. I don’t believe that any of this would have been possible for me, and I don’t think I would have been as successful and confident as I am, if I hadn’t had Northeast Hearing and Speech behind me and my family when I was a child growing up.

I contribute annually to the United Way; earmark all my money for Northeast Hearing and Speech. I’ve recommended them over the years, and I continue to get my hearing aid services through them to help them profit from the need for me to have hearing aids. With this in mind, I think this organization does a lot of great things for the youth of this community. It gives the youth the opportunity to develop and grow and I would love to see the agency continue to prosper, even in these difficult financial times. So if you have it in your heart, please contribute to this organization. You just might give another child with speech and hearing impediments the confidence they need to be successful in life.

The office staff greeted us with an enthusiastic professionalism complimented by a nice personal touch.

– John’s mom

After nearly a week with the new Oticon hearing aids… here’s my impression so far.


These new Oticon hearing aids certainly surpass the ones I have had before, by a wide margin.  Coupled with the updated hearing assessment, these new aids have allowed me to experience things I have not been able to enjoy in a long time.

Conversations with my grandkids are not interrupted by me asking them to repeat what they had just told me.

I can better hear what my wife is saying to me, even driving in the Miata with the top down… (however, sometimes I supposed I will still pretend that I didn’t hear what she asked me to do!

On a trip up to my camp in the Wilds of West Forks, ME this week I was able to hear the full range of music on my truck’s sound system.  I had been thinking in the past that the mid range sounds weren’t being reproduced as well as I liked on many of my favorite songs.  However, with these new hearing aids, the music sounds like it has been remastered and I can now enjoy the harmony, guitar rifts and tones that I had been missing.

Our camp is in a secluded area in the woods near the base of Johnson Mountain.  On the camp deck Tuesday evening while grilling rib eye steaks and sautéing fiddleheads in bacon and garlic, I enjoyed a beautiful symphony of wood thrushes off in the woods trilling out their flute-like melodies.  Now… if I could only hear an owl!!!

Using the T coil with the landline phone works very well.  However, I am very impressed with the use of the iPhone through the hearing aids.  Crystal clear communication even when there are disturbances happening around me.  I also found that I can hear oral driving directions through this using the iPhone.  Nice touch!

I am very thankful that NEHS will be providing free batteries for a period of time.  I was able to cancel the order of batteries I had just made, thankfully.

If that TV device is available, I would certainly enjoy having it.  Thanks.

But, thank you mostly for the personal touch that I receive when I am at NEHS.  Since I first started coming here over 30 years ago, I have always felt that assisting me to hear and communicate better was always a top priority.  For that I am eternally grateful.  I can’t imagine how I would have ever been able to live a life as rewarding and successful, both personally as well as professionally, without NEHS.

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