Our team is growing!

Lauren Stasz
Tarja Oliver

We are thrilled to introduce two new clinicians and two new administrative support staff who have joined us in the last quarter!

Lauren Stasz, MA CF-SLP is our newest Speech-Language Pathologist. Lauren completed one of her practicum placements with us as a graduate student and we were thrilled to hire her to be a member of our speech team.  Lauren is currently seeing children at Children’s Odyssey in Portland and doing some evaluations on site in our clinic. More on Lauren can be found here.

Tarja Oliver, AuD, CCC-A has joined our staff as a part time Audiologist. She has a strong background in pediatrics and will be seeing our youngest clients for diagnostics and hearing amplification. Tarja will also help us to serve Veteran’s.  Read more about Tarja’s experience and expertise here.

Barbara Hamilton joined our staff in January as an administrative assistant in our audiology program. She came with a wealth of information in billing, scheduling, and referrals from a physical therapy practice and quickly began utilizing this experience in our audiology practice.

Alyssa Bourque became our assistant billing manager in February.  She has extensive experience in billing, supervision, insurance information, and how to support clients through the billing process. Alyssa has recently been promoted to office manager.

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