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Thanks to generous support by the Sadie & Harry Davis Foundation and the Geiger Trust, Northeast Hearing & Speech is pleased to announce the following iPad trainings to assist early childhood educators, teachers, parents, and Speech-Language Pathologists in using iPads to promote language learning in children ages preschool through the early elementary years. All trainings are presented free of charge and can be catered to the needs of your students.

Space Is Limited To First 15 Participants Registered Per Session

To Register: Contact Caroline Fournier, iPad Teacher Trainings Coordinator
207-874-1065 or e-mail at [email protected]


Pictello allows users to create stories to promote language learning and social skills that use real-life pictures from the child’s environment. This two-hour training provides instruction in programming the app to build stories and examples of the many uses for this app within your home or classroom.

Proloquo2Go – TBA

Proloquo2Go is a speech-generating app that assists non-verbal students or those with limited verbal skills to communicate. This two-hour training includes instruction in navigating, programming and customizing the app to meet your students’ needs.

Open Lab – TBA **Also by appointment

Open lab is a drop-in time designed to allow parents, therapists and educators to bring questions, troubleshoot and collaborate with other users of communication iPad apps.

Programs Available For Parents

Parents may contact Northeast Hearing & Speech at 207-874-1065 to obtain more information on any of the following:

Tips for Building Language and Literacy with Your Preschool Child

Parent Edition: This training provides an overview of basic strategies for young children to facilitate language during everyday routines.

The Development of Speech and Language in the Preschool Child

Parent Edition.: This training covers the speech and language milestones to expect in children ages birth-5 and how to expand their communication skills.

Reading to Your Child

Strategies to Develop Language and Literacy Using Books (Parent Edition) Coming Soon

Speech and Language Consultation

An Insider’s Look at Facilitating Skills with Your Child: If you are seeking guidance about how to facilitate your child’s speech and language skills but are not yet connected to a provider, this may be an option for you. An evaluation is needed (from any Speech-Language Pathologist) prior to meeting with you to determine how best to help you address your child’s speech and language concerns.

Contact us today to get more information about the trainings and workshops above.

Professional Development Trainings Available for Teachers

Teachers may contact Northeast at 207-874-1065 to obtain more information on any of the following:

Language Strategies 101:  Tips for Facilitating Language in the Preschool Classroom:

An introduction to strategies that can be implemented within classroom routines with children who are struggling to communicate and those who are ready to take their language skills to the next level.

5 Books, 5 Strategies: An Introduction to Phonological Awareness and Vocabulary Building for Preschool and Early Elementary Age Children:

This training is designed to provide an overview of how to facilitate phonological awareness skills for our youngest learners, using books that are already present in most preschool and early educational classrooms.

Phonological Awareness in the Preschool & Early Elementary Years:

This training is a one-day conference or can be divided into three 2-hour sessions. It covers a wide variety of phonological awareness activities using books, manipulatives, music, and games that can be used throughout the day during morning meeting/circle time, small & large group activities, and times of transition.

Speech and Language Overview with Guidelines for Referral:

Speech-Language delay/disorder is the number one handicapping condition in preschool children. Children who struggle with language development are at higher risk for difficulty learning to read. This training will provide information in 5 primary areas of speech and language development, what to expect when, and how/when to make referrals for further evaluation in the speech and language area.

Social and Behavioral Narratives:

This training will provide instruction on how to develop short narratives written to simplify social information for children with behavior and social communication challenges. Information about using an iPad to target these skills will be shared.


Choosing and Using Apps for the Development of Language: Selecting apps that can be effectively used to address the skills you are trying to target can be challenging. This program is designed to help participants decide which apps to select and how to use them for developing language. Case studies and a list of apps to explore will be provided.

Learning Language and Loving It:

The Hanen Program for Early Childhood Educators: This is a series of 9 in-depth trainings that provide strategies for the development of language in preschool classrooms. Trainings are taught by one of our Hanen Certified Program Leaders based on the internationally recognized program developed by Janice Greenberg.

English Language Learners in Preschool:

Facilitating Language and Learning: This training series is for early childhood educators who have a number of children learning English as a second language in their classrooms. It provides an overview of various cultural rules to help teachers to welcome immigrant & refugee families. Strategies to facilitate language development during everyday classroom routines are highlighted.


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