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The Reel Snow White

The Reel Snow WhiteIn early 2015 we conceived the idea of producing a film showcasing the creativity of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, who will serve as actors in the film and behind the scenes.

The film, “The Reel Snow White,” will be submitted to the Sproutflix film festival, in hopes that it will be screened in Maine and at Carnegie Hall in NYC. Sprout is the only film festival dedicated to films by people with developmental & intellectual disabilities. For more information and to donate press here. Jackie Reifer, SLP

Imagine, for a moment, that you are Chris & Kelly. You both have a joy for life and love working in the community. Chris is one of the best dancers you will ever see. And Kelly is strong and independent. They are part of a larger group of people with issues related to developmental disabilities who meet weekly in Portland, Maine to work on improving their communication skills. They all have artistic and creative abilities.

They want to share their special talents in a film. There is a script that is perfect for them – it’s called THE REEL SNOW WHITE. And there’s a professional filmmaker and a music composer who want to produce our film and they’ll even do it for a much-reduced rate. And we are all sooo excited.

IMAGINE! Seeing yourself on the BIG screen. And there’s a film festival called SPROUTFLIX and they want us to submit our work. And if our film is selected – it will be screened in Portland, Maine and MAYBE we’ll even get to go to Carnegie Hall.

BUT here’s the thing, as with most great film projects, funds are needed for studio rental, pre-production, post-production and music. That’s where YOU come in! There are people out there, like you, who believe that everyone deserves a chance to live their dreams; for some, those dreams can change a life.

We’ll be posting updates and video shorts of our rehearsals. Please help us by advocating with your gift!