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Make A Donation

Northeast Hearing & Speech counts on the generosity of many donors to supplement current program budgets that ensure the continuation of our good work into the future. Northeast improves the quality of life for people who have hearing, speech, and communication needs. Our mission is “Helping People to Communicate.” Our approach to fulfilling our mission is that everyone deserves to hear, speak, and communicate. 41% of our services are provided at a reduced rate to people in need.

Since Northeast Hearing & Speech was founded in 1924, our community has known the value of a strong local speech and hearing clinic and has invested generously and consistently. Clients and their families find comfort in knowing that they receive the best of care close to home and that their charitable contributions continue to advance our services.

Gifts come to us in many sizes and shapes, including:

Annual Appeal
The Annual Appeal brings in donations that help support existing programs and people. Without generous contributions from the community, many of the programs the community has come to count on would not be possible. Donations to the Annual Appeal can be directed to your choice of funds.

Corporate & Foundation Support
Corporate & Foundation Support increases or improves our ability to provide many of the services and education we give to the community and represents an investment in Northeast’s people and programs. For more information, contact Laurie Mack, Executive Director, at 207-874-1065 or lmack@nehearingandspeech.org.

Gifts of Assets
Assets, including securities and property may be made to Northeast. This option will not only provide you with charitable deductions, but may also offer additional tax savings. For more information, contact Laurie Mack, Executive Director, at 207-874-1065 or lmack@nehearingandspeech.org.

Planned Giving
Planned giving provides you with an opportunity to leave a legacy to Northeast Hearing & Speech. It can help avoid or minimize taxes, and assure that the programs and services offered by NHS continue into the future. To learn more, please contact Laurie Mack, Executive Director, at 207-874-1065 or lmack@nehearingandspeech.org.

Memorial Gifts & Bequests
Gifts made in honor or memory of a loved one, friend, special event or in thanks or recognition is a great way to provide support to Northeast Hearing & Speech. When you make a tribute gift, we will notify the person you have recognized with your gift, without revealing the amount of the gift. Please be sure to include that person’s complete name and address so that we can send the notification.

Gifts made by establishing an endowment provide for permanent support for Northeast Hearing & Speech. The endowment principle is invested and preserved and the income is used to support the programs or services you indicate in the original endowment agreement. For more information, please contact Laurie Mack, Executive Director, at 207-874-1065 or lmack@nehearingandspeech.org.

The gift of your time can help so many! We could not do the work we do at Northeast without the help of our dedicated volunteers. Our volunteers are ordinary people, just like you, with a desire to help others, a professional attitude and a willingness to learn new things. For more information, please call 207-874-1065.

Matching Gifts
Companies will frequently match gifts made by their employees, thus doubling or even tripling the impact of your gift. Please complete the matching gift form provided by your company, and mail it to the address above with your gift. We will verify your gift and return it to your company’s Matching Gifts Administrator. Contact your human resources office for more information.


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