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Northeast Hearing & Speech Announces Selection as Beneficiary of a Bangor Savings Bank Foundation Grant

Max Bangs, Bangor Savings Bank Branch Manager at the 77 Middle Street & 180 Middle Street locations in Portland presents Northeast Executive Director, Laurie Mack, with a check for $3,000 to support the charitable children’s program.Northeast Hearing & Speech, a nonprofit committed to Helping People to Hear, Speak & Communicate, has received support from the Bangor Savings Bank Foundation for a program to provide two-tester audiological exams for infants and young children.

The ability to hear is closely linked to a child’s speech and language development and pre-kindergarten skills. As a result of early intervention by audiologists, many children have overcome the effects of hearing loss on language and literacy development.

Hearing evaluations for children under 3 years and for those with developmental impairments require two testers to help facilitate a thorough and complete test outcome in the shortest and most efficient way possible. This is a critical time in which to diagnose hearing loss. According to Northeast Executive Director, Laurie Mack, “This team approach greatly improves our success rate testing young children.  But, Northeast must depend upon charitable support to bridge the gap between services that are fully covered by insurance and those, such as this, that are not.”

Northeast, Maine’s oldest and largest non-profit speech-language-hearing clinic, was founded in 1924 and serves over 2,000 clients each year. Staff also provide free education and professional development for an additional 400 teachers and parents.